-Do we own any of the cars we list?

No. We list cars that other people own. All of the cars we list on the site are hand-selected by us and fit specific criteria.

-How do you select the cars that are on your site?
We feature only the best fast cars. We want you to be able to be on the track for around $5k or less and therefore every car on this site can be purchased for around $5,000 or less. We also require that all cars we list on this site to have less than 200,000 miles on them, not too much rust, a clear title, and most importantly, a MANUAL TRANSMISSION.

-What’s the difference between “Project Cars” and “Running and Driving” categories?

When we list cars in the “running and driving” category, they are indeed in running and driving condition. They have less than 200k miles, clear titles. not too much rust and that all-important manual transmission. They are cars that you don’t have to do anything to in order to drive it.

The “project cars” category is much different… in most cases, these are cars are not driveable but they are also significantly less expensive. Sometimes we list rolling chassis or cars with blown engines, or something else wrong with them but we list it if it is a good deal based on market prices elsewhere.

-What cars do you list?

We list the following cars (growing list!):

-Mazda Miata’s (under $2,800)
-BMW E46 330CI and 330i (under $3,500)
-BMW e36 325 (under $2,000)
-Subaru WRX (under $4,500)
-BMW e36 328 (under $2,800)
-V8 Ford Mustang Foxbody ’87-93 (under $2,800)
-1994 5.0 V8 Ford Mustang (under $2,800)
-1998-2002 Chevrolet Camaro LS1 V8 T56 Transmission (under $5,500)
-1988-1992 Toyota Supra Turbo (under $5,500)
-1964-1970 Ford Mustang (under $5,500)
-Nissan 350Z (under $3,800)
-Infiniti G35 (under $3,800)
-Mazda RX8 (under $3,000)
-Nissan 240sx’s (under $3,000)

More coming soon!

-How do you find the cars you list on the site?
We have a team looking nationwide for the above cars on sites like Craigslist, OfferUp, and LetGo to find the absolute best deals on cars. We list the best deals on all of the above cars, every single day!

-Why did you start ‘Don’t Drive Boring Cars!’
We believe that you only have one life to live and therefore you might as well live it doing what you love. Well, we love cars. Going fast in cars on track (road race course, autocross, or drifting), is absolutely the most fun we’ve ever had (legally, especially)!

Going to the track is really expensive and the vehicle you choose has a huge impact on just how expensive said track day is. We are obsessed with finding the absolute best-valued cars you can take to the track.

We started this site because we were sick of wasting so much time sifting through all of the different marketplaces just to find the cars we were into. You may have felt the same way from digging through forums, setting alerts on craigslist etc, which equates to possibly hours a day.

Don’t Drive Boring Cars lists trackable cars with the absolute best value so you can maximize your time having fun.

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