We want to have fun.

To us, that means spending as much time in a car on the track as possible. Whether that be drifting, at an autocross, or attempting to set better lap times at our favorite road-race course. 

One of the most difficult aspects of going to the track is finding an affordable track car. We want to help make it as easy as possible to find a car that enables you to do just that, get out and enjoy cars on the track. 

Get your seat time car here!

How this site works

Our team spends all day looking for the best deals on trackable cars and posts them here. Yes… It’s true.

All of us working at Seat Time Cars were just like you, we were setting up Craigslist alerts for manual transmission e36’s under $2,500 and would then go to autotempest.com to do a nationwide search if we didn’t get any hits on craigslist, because who wouldn’t travel 1k miles to by a POS 25 year old BMW, right??? We were spending countless hours doing this and we thought there had to be thousands of other gearheads doing the exact same thing. So we built this site to help solve that problem and save everyone the time and hassle of endlessly searching for deals on enthusiast cars!

We scour the internet daily to find the best deals on ‘seat time’ cars for $15k and list them here.

Our minimum criteria are pretty simple:

  1. the car must have a clear title
  2. must not have more than 200k miles
  3. must not have too much rust
  4. must have a manual transmission!
  5. must be either RWD or AWD

Thank you for your support and enjoy!

-Josh and Roger

PS see below for a selection of the manual transmission toys we’ve owned…

1990 Nissan 240sx

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