December 16, 2018 by Joshua

The A70 MK3 Supra Turbo, if you can find one, is one of the best affordable Drift Cars

After searching the country, I was only able to come up with three, yes three, MK3 Turbo Supras for $5,000 or less. They are indeed difficult to find and, by far, the rarest of the options I’ve listed thus far in my search for bargain driftable rides. Worth it, in my opinion, if you are able to find one.

The MK3 supra has a 3.0 inline 6 cylinder engine turbocharged and intercooled, along with a strong 5-speed manual transmission.

It also comes standard with a limited slip differential and independant suspension front and rear. A potent package right out of the box with 230bhp and 250ft. lbs. of tq. –numbers that can drastically increase without much work or expense.

One of the things I personally like the best out of the affordable driftable cars I’ve been looking at is the aesthetics of the MK3 Supra. To me, it looks much more like a drift car than the others with the wedge shape and pop up headlights. It is also Japanese. There is something about drifting originating in Japan and the late 80’s/90’s look of the Supra with a turbocharged strait 6 that just lures me in. I just really like it. It is definitely a great option. 

Look out for a deeper comparison with the other vehicles I’ve listed soon!

Below are the three we’re currently tracking:

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