December 5, 2018 by Joshua

The 4th Generation Chevrolet Camaro LS1 V8 with T56 Manual Transmission HAS to be the best cheap drift car. That drivetrain though!

I have to admit, I didn’t intend to write this article.

When I started evaluating potential candidates for drift cars that I would eventually like to purchase, I had a few cars at the top of my list. The last two articles I wrote were about two of those cars (the 5.0 V8 Fox Body Mustang with a t-5 manual transmission and the BMW e36 328i with a manual transmission).

My searching, however, led me by chance down a long rabbit hole (you know the type) of internet sleuthing (Autotempest.com as well as ebay and forum posts and articles etc.).

I was trying to understand why there aren’t more 4th Gen. Camaros used as drift cars. The equation seems perfect for drifting newbs like myself. THE engine and transmission combo of choice for drifters near and far (the ubiquitous LS1 + T56) and it’s cheap! According to Car and Driver, the 4th Gen. Camaro is the best Camaro!???

While a straight axle rear suspension setup arguably isn’t the best setup for grip for advanced drivers, the big benefit to beginner drivers and those whom are budget constrained and maybe even lack a welder or know how, is that you can simply add a mini-spool for next to nothing! That provides a safe, reliable, and removable way to make sure both rear tires spin at the same time. Example here: Jegs’ Mini Spool for $64.97!

Sooooo let’s get this straight… An all aluminum LS1 V8, a t56 6-speed manual transmission, and I don’t even need a welder to get both rear tires to spin at the same time, and I can have all of this for less than $5k!? What?!

Yes. I think that’s right.

I will say, however, that the main downside to these cars is the number of them available. After a nationwide search for them, $5,500 and under with a clear title and t56 manual transmission, I only came up with less than 15 of them. Yes, that few. My search results greatly expanded in number if I was willing to pay more than $5k, but, of course, I am not.

What am I missing!? Why aren’t there more of these bad boys on the track!? And why didn’t I consider them sooner!?

Please tell me in the comments section what I’m missing and why I’m an idiot or both. This seems a little too good to be true.

Check out the links below to find  9 4th Generation Camaros for sale that I believe you could get for under $5k (nationwide wide search):

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